LittleMax™ Small Round PVC Floor Sink

Floor Sinks

  • New white color provides a cleaner appearance in floor sink applications
  • PVC solvent weld connection
  • Strainer ring can be used as a clamping collar for above-grade applications
  • Stainless steel lift handle for strainer
  • Prop 65 WARNING

  • 864-W2P
  • 864-UM
Options: Add letter suffix. Add price to list.
  V Vandal-resistant screws $8.80
  T Tapped 1/2" FIP for trap primer $6.80
  S Sand bucket installed $9.35
  U Stainless steel debris basket for sump area $33.00
  2 Open-half strainer installed $13.20
  3 Open-quarter strainer installed $15.40
  X Drain body & ring/collar without strainer $-10.00

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