OmegaPlate™ Becomes ProPlate™

Sioux Chief has decided to give the OmegaPlate™ a new, and more distinctive trade name. This great product will now be called the ProPlate™ Single-Valve Access Plate.

In addition to avoiding potential trademark concerns*, we hope this new name will also help distinguish it and provide more “separation” for this product from its cousin, the OmniPanel™.
You will find this change on effective immediately. Changes to printed literature/labels/materials, customer’s websites, and other external references to OmegaPlate will be transitioned to ProPlate™
in the upcoming months.
While Sioux Chief respects and ardently supports trademark protection, to us, it is about the product, not the name. Rather than allocate resources to defend our right to the original product name, we feel that money is better suited developing new products, improving manufacturing techniques, and creating new ways to support the plumbing industry.

* Perceived trademark concerns brought on by another company from a different industry.

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