Original Equipment Manufacturing

When it comes to Original Equipment Manufacturing, OEM, Sioux Chief is ready to help supplement your company's business - regardless of customer type. We even serve non-traditional plumbing needs by either making or modifying product to suit your needs.

Preformed copper is by far our most popular OEM product but it doesn't stop there. Water heater connectors, drain covers, plastic injection, metal stamping and more fall well within our capabilities. For your custom copper needs, we take your drawings and specifications to create precisely what you need, every time. We cut, form, bend and spin copper to whatever shape you require.

Additionally, our plastic injection systems will provide what you need, including different materials and colors. Your drawings/prints allow us to create the product to your exact specifications.


Sioux Chief maintains high OEM standards and performs a calculated inspection according to the mandates of the ISO 9000 certification standard. The whole process is traceable. And OEM relationships are long term and protected.