Sioux Chief is manufacturing.  We design and manufacture some of the most diverse and innovative plumbing products in the country.

In fact, it’s not possible to understand Sioux Chief completely without understanding our commitment to manufacturing.  While invisible at the time of installation, this commitment is always present and alive in every product.

We make things because we can make them better.  We ensure quality, efficiency and savings. And it serves us well because it serves our customers well.

We not only invent product for our customers, we design and fabricate the machines, tools, and dies that make the product. This is important because it ensures exact product tolerances are achieved and helps us to give our customers an edge.

Sioux Chief product innovation is initiated by field research and close interaction with plumbers, engineers, code officials, and distributors. Our process innovation also controls manufacturing costs, providing constant, reliable value to the customer, year after year.