DoubleDuty™ Design Update

Sioux Chief has updated the design of our 821-TP DoubleDuty™ shower drain test plug. We’ve made this modification based on contractor feedback from the field.

The external threads have been moved to the lower portion of the plug, while the diameter of the top was reduced. We also removed the two ‘side lugs’ that were located just above the o-ring.

The new design allows the drain head to be threaded into the collar (temporarily) while the plug remains installed. See diagram below. Keeping the drain head in the collar, with the body, should help prevent heads from getting misplaced while plugs are installed.

In addition, the two side lugs are no longer needed to prevent the plug from being threaded too far into the drain body. A ‘plug stop’ has been added to the drain bodies which will eliminate issues caused by over-tightened plugs.