New Sioux Chief Catalog

The All-New Sioux Chief Catalog is Finally Here! Edition 32 of the Sioux Chief product catalog is now available for download on our website. This new edition spans nearly 900 pages and includes over 9,000 items, with more than 4,000 of those being cataloged for the first time.

Comparing to the previous edition, you will notice a difference in the layout and formatting of Edition 32. This is the first catalog to be created through a new, proprietary product information system designed by Sioux Chief. We’re very excited about this new system, as it will allow us to produce updated catalog editions as often as needed!

Although printed versions are still a few months away, the new catalog is available for download on the Sioux Chief website – look for the link on the right side of the homepage, just under the sliders. This online catalog will always be kept up to date – a new version, with updated prices will be available for download whenever a new Price Index is published. Simply check the lower-right corner of the catalog cover page and be sure the catalog effective date matches the date of the current Price Index.


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