New TakeOff™ Support Block

Sioux Chief is proud to introduce a new group of items for our Support product group. The TakeOff™ pipe support block for flat rooftop applications is now in-stock and ready to ship. The 543 Series rooftop support block is made from durable, UV-stabilized, HDPE and other recycled plastics. It’s designed to support plumbing or gas pipe, condensate/refrigeration lines, conduit, cable, and lightweight mechanical equipment above the roof surface.

Typically installed with pipe attached directly to the block, the TakeOff™ accommodates a variety of straps and brackets to keep pipe securely in place. For installations that require pipe to be supported above the block surface, a roller support assembly is available for use with 3/8" thread rod. Roller supports also allow for thermal expansion/contraction when necessary. The TakeOff™ is uniquely stackable, and features an open channel in the base, that helps prevent movement, ice-damming, and mold/sediment buildup. Blocks are 5" tall, but for additional height, strut can be attached to the TakeOff™, or use the GridIron™ ABS spacer/support block.

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