New ServiceBox™ System

The unique ServiceBox™ system is an all-new group of items within our popular Access product line – it is exclusive to Sioux Chief and represents the latest innovation for accessible plumbing.

The ServiceBox™ system provides a quality, code-approved product that allows contractors to save time & material with every installation.

The basic concept of the ServiceBox™ revolves around the idea that … ‘Installing Valves at Rough - Makes Sense’.

It is intended to reduce a contractor’s time/labor and replace common, or lower-quality valves. Using Cost Analysis Sheets, we can prove that the ServiceBox™ is better for the contractor in almost every case.

Cost Analysis Sheets are available on the SCM website or via the QR codes in the brochure.

One of the more unique features of the ServiceBox™ is that all models are fire-rated … as standard! Every model includes interlocking fire shields and is approved for fire-rated applications. All items carry both 1-Hour and 2-Hour ratings (see spec sheets for details) and can be installed in shared or rated walls with no need to fire-caulk or box around with drywall.

There are six basic ServiceBox™ product sets:

   - (Blue Box) A single-valve with access box – Full-Port ball valve – 1/2" – 1-1/4" connections

   - (Green Box) A dual-valve with access box – Full-Port ball valves – 1/2" & 3/4" connections

   - (Black Box) A PRV with access box – With & Without drain – 3/4" & 1" connections

   - (Red Box) A water heater outlet with access boxes – Flow-Thru & Termination models – 3/4" connection

   - (Gray Box) A water softener outlet with access box – Inlet, Outlet & Brine line – 3/4" & 1" connection

   - (Orange Box) A valved termination line with access box – Full-Port ball valve – 3/4" connection

A variety of accessories are also available to complement and enhance the utility of all these products. Refer to the Buying Guide for full product listing.

For more information, watch the introduction video here.

Or check out the web pages for each individual product set, where you can find brochures, spec sheets, cost analysis sheets and more:

Single-Valve with Access Box

Dual-Valve with Access Box

PRV with Access Box

Water Heater Outlet with Access Box

Valved Termination Line with Access Box

Water Softener Outlet with Access Box