FinishLine™ Adjustable Floor Drain Ductile Iron No-Hub Connection 9" Tops

Cast Iron - No-Hub Connection

  • Patent #7,735,512
  • Adjustable AFTER the pour
  • For large capacity or high-flow applications such as outdoor terraces, walkways or patios
  • Ductile iron base adapter, coring sleeve, head adapter and poly coring plug
  • Nickel bronze or stainless steel strainers for use in pedestrian traffic areas
  • Prop 65 WARNING

  • 832-49DNR

  • 832-SD9

  • 835-4CQ

  • 863-FACQ

  • 863-FNOCQ
Item Number Brochure Download
832-49DF, 832-6DF, 832-6DHNR, 832-6DHSR, 832-49DNR, 832-49DSR, 832-6DNR, 832-6DSR FinishLine Brochure Download

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