Bolt Caps

  • Taller cap eliminates the need to cut bolts
  • Base creates a tight seal that helps provide a continuous sanitary seal between base and toilet
  • Cap threads onto base and is less likely to get lost or knocked off
  • Available with or without PlumbPerfect™ nylon closet bolts

  • 442-2B

  • 442-2W
Item No Description Finish Min Qty Case Qty
440-2W Cap with 425-PB bolts, 2/bag White 1 25
442-2B Cap only, 2/bag Bone 25 25
442-2W Cap only, 2/bag White 1 25

  • Packaging:
  • B = Bulk
  • C = Cut Case
  • D = Dispenser Box
  • T = Tube
  • I = Individually Bar-Coded

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