OxBox™ Gas Valve Outlet Box

OxBox™ Gas Box

  • Patent #7,360,553 & #7,735,511
  • ¼-turn ball valve for easy, secure, accessible operation
  • Box is available for ½" or ¾" iron-pipe applications or ½" CSST applications in both standard and fire-rated products
  • Recessed box is made of high-impact ABS providing the strongest finished installation for all gas appliance needs
  • Valve has CSA certification to ANSI Z21.15-1997 / CGA 9.1-M97
  • Prop 65 WARNING

Item Number Brochure Download
696-1020GF, 696-1021GF, 696-1031GF Gas Outlet Box - OxBox - Flyer Download
696-1020GF, 696-1021GF, 696-1031GF Outlet Boxes - OxBox - Brochure Download

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