ServiceBox™ - Pressure Reducing Valve Less Drain

Water Service - PRV

  • Patent #11,473,276
  • Durable ABS boxes with quarter-turn ball valves. Mounts securely to stud or between studs.
  • All models can be used in fire-rated walls.
  • Fully adjustable PRV complies with ASSE 1003 – factory set to 60psi.
  • PVC ‘jumper’ installed for rough-in.
  • Union connection makes valve easy to repair or replace.
  • Prop 65 WARNING

  • 687-3RPQ

  • 687-4RWW

  • 687-1F

  • 687-Y33

  • 687-Y43
  • 696-EX
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687-4RWW ServiceBox™ Brochure Download

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