• To prevent cavitation and accompanying water hammer within the extra-long tub spout tubes and/or shower risers of high-flow fixtures, such as garden tub valves and multi-head shower valves
  • Unlike atmospheric vacuum breaker devices that can leak or spit, the VacuRester’s™ “closed atmosphere” chamber serves as a short duration vacuum breaker without the chance of leaks
  • Recommended by Kohler® Company for their high-flow tub valves such as their SOK™ series fixtures
  • InstallationFor high flow tub valves with long spout tubes, install 652 AD VacuRester on spout tube, in between tub valve and spout, within one foot of the tub valve.For high flow shower valves, install 652 AD VacuRester on shower riser, in between shower valve and shower head, within one foot of the shower valve. For high flow lines with shut-off valve in the middle of pipe run, install VacuRester on non-pressure side, within one foot of shut-off valve. Pipe sizes ½" thru 1", install 652 AD. Pipe sizes 1¼" thru 3", install 657-FD.

Item No Conn. Size Length Width Pkg Min Qty Case Qty
652-AD ½" 6 ½" 1 ⅜" B 1 16
657-FD 1" 15 ⅛" 2 ⅛" B 1 4

  • Packaging:
  • B = Bulk
  • C = Cut Case
  • D = Dispenser Box
  • T = Tube
  • I = Individually Bar-Coded

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