OxBox™ Washing Machine Outlet Box

OxBox™ Laundry Boxes

  • Patent #7,360,553 & #7,735,511
  • Boxes mount securely to stud or over studs
  • Separates supply and drainage systems into two stud bays
  • Separate boxes offer flexible layout
  • Durable ABS stands up to job site abuse
  • Drain knockout is easy to remove with pliers
  • Debris covers included to protect boxes from drywall mud and paint
  • High-quality quarter-turn ball valves
  • ¾" male hose-thread outlet connections
  • Prop 65 WARNING

  • 696-G2303XF
  • 696-G2303WR
  • 696-G2403WF

  • 696-G2403XF

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