PVC MetalHead™ Male Sweat Straight Adapters


  • A perfect fitting to transition from a PVC service line to copper
  • Press-fit and push-fit compatible
  • All fittings are production tested to ensure maximum quality and a leak-free connection
  • Use Caution When SolderingWhenever possible, solder with PVC socket facing downward. Plug must be in PVC socket when soldering to prevent chimney effect, which can damage PVC socket.Always apply torch to female fitting, not to the adapter.Perform all solder joints a minimum of:10" from ¾" PVC socket18" from 1" and 1¼" PVC sockets20" from 1½" PVC socket22" from 2" PVC socketUse a commercial heat blocking agent between solder joint and PVC joint.
  • Prop 65 WARNING

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