New GripTip™ Test Nut

Sioux Chief continues to expand our Plastic Tubular product group with the introduction of the GripTip™ trap adapter test nut. This innovative tubular nut is made from durable, reinforced polypropylene and features an integral test cap, which allows the trap adapter to be installed at rough-in and tested with the DWV system. GripTip™ Test nuts are available with 1-1/2” trap adapter fittings, or separately, for use with any 1-1/2” trap adapter. In addition to the integral test cap, the GripTip™ nut also includes a permanent sealing ferrule, which eliminates the need for a slip-joint washer between the nut and trap adapter. The test cap removes easily with pliers after test and works with any 1-1/2” P-trap. Those familiar with the GripTip™ test caps/plugs will also recognize the ‘double tip’ design that allows contractors to fill and drain the DWV test through the GripTip™ by snipping off the smaller tip and connecting to the 5/8” OD port. All items are included in Catalog Edition 32.1 and the current Price Index, which can be downloaded from the home page.

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