Date Product Name 
06.24.19535-16 Tomahawk Ground Stake New Product Intro Download
04.17.14Sioux Chief Announces New ComboSaddle for PowerBar Universal Slider Bracket Download
03.12.14Sioux Chief Announces Launch of Strut Clamps for Plumbing Contractors Download
01.07.14Sioux Chief Launches StrongArm Product Video Download
10.24.13Sioux Chief Announces Launch of Expansion Tank Support Kit Download
08.15.13Sioux Chief Launches Simple Bend Support to Secure PEX Tubing Download
06.07.13Sioux Chief Introduces New MainBlock Offset Pipe Clamp Download
03.26.13Sioux Chief Adds New American-Made 'Top Plate Connector' to Product Line for Plumbing Contractors Download
02.13.13Sioux Chief Announces Launch of Heavy Duty Power Bar Mini Strut Download