Date Product Name 
06.24.19 MiniRester F1960 Design Change Download
06.05.19CPVC-PVC Adapters Design Change Download
05.15.19Multiport Tees Intro Download
04.17.19OxBox Replaceable Valve Intro Download
04.08.19PDQ Push Sillcock Intro Download
02.25.14Sioux Chief's 'Soldering No Lead Brass' Technical Bulletin Available to Plumbing Contractors Download
01.02.14Sioux Chief Announces 2014 Lead Free Product List Download
12.12.13Sioux Chief Launches OxBox Product Video Download
11.14.13Sioux Chief Announces 2014 Lead Free Product List for Contractors, Wholesalers Download
11.04.1360-Day Countdown for Sioux Chief 'No Lead' Download
05.21.13Sioux Chief Launches Stainless Steel MiniRester within its OxBox system of Access boxes Download
11.20.12Sioux Chief Releases Water Hammer Control Engineer Report Download